Why a “Serial” Entrepreneur ?
For me, it was not a plan. Prior to my attending college (age 17), a friend of my mother said “I would have more fun if I knew how to dance.” So, my mother purchased 55 hours of dance lessons at a local dance studio.  This helped overcome my shy nature (women would line up to dance with me). A year later, my mother agreed to buy me another 140 hours of lessons. (Check out Video Below)


Now I knew all the American style dance steps. Using this skill, I was going to work part time at a dance studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. This required a drive of about one hour each way from my campus at Oxford, Ohio. When only getting to teach one or two hours at a time, it was not worth my time.
Now what? Students started asking me for lessons. It was then I decided to open my own dance studio in the college town.
I was able to rent a large space for the price of what I would have had to pay for an apartment. In this space I had enough room for two studios, and office and my living quarters. The demand was such that I had to hire two part-time teachers so I could still attend my school classes meet the needs of the business.


A month or so before I graduated, the building (with my dance studio) burned down. Since the fire was accidentally started by an employee of a major oil company, that company compensated me for the loss of my living quarters as well as my business. This was 1952, and the amount was $3,000. Today (2014) that would equate to $55,000. Thereafter, I continued to recognize a present need and had the funds to finance the next business. The lesson learned: be curious, be alert to opportunities and be willing to take a calculated risk.


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