What Makes My Book Unique

There are many books out there that offer an introduction to the world of business.

But, you should question “What is the author’s background”?   Was the author someone who just

researched the subject?  Was the author a teacher or professor who mostly gained knowledge

from other books?  Was the author someone who had only one or maybe two businesses?

WHAT  MAKES  MY  BOOK  UNIQUE,  in comparison, is that I also tell my life story

as a dedicated entrepreneur. I am passing on to you a lifetime of starting and operating over 20

businesses, each in a different field of endeavor. I relate the excitement I have experienced – not

only in the business, but also in the rewards I was able to indulge myself.

I started with very little. I then expanded the gains from the first business to the next

business. Each success was compounded within another business. Of course, the compounding

can also take place by growing your present business. Yet, be open minded to accepting an offer

to buy your business (which may be a stepping stone to an even greater experience).

You too can have a life as exciting as I did. You just have to commit to taking the first

step and believe in yourself.

NOW, turn to the next page, not only of this book but of the life ahead of you.

One comment

  1. This looks like a great book, Jack. I am excited to participate in sharing your message with the world!

    Anna Weber | Literary Strategist

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