When starting a busines or after operating a business for some time — be alert in all business


1.  An employee — can steal from the cash box.

2.  An employee — can fake an accident and collect workers compensation.

3.  Worse yet, the faked accident can cause your insurance company to pay out a sizeable dollar

amount — thereby increasing your insurance premium.

4.  A well paid employee (assistant manager; manager; etc.) could be starting a business of their

own (of course secretly and on your time) while out of the office or shop ‘supposedly making

sales calls’. Be alert to their progress. Require daily or weekly reports.

5.  You can be misled when planning to expand your business by buying another business. Use

a CPA (certified public accountant) or a lawyer to validate everything you think you are


6.  We all want to trust who we are in business with (e.g., a partner). Yet, unfortunately, a trusted

associate could make a decision on their own when circumstances change and you are not

alerted to the change. Do everything possible not to make critical decisions before communi-

cating with each other.

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