This applies to businesses, business owners and employees. Level ’10’ generally means

performing at your best — your highest capacity. This is an attitude that most successful

business and sales people maintain throughout their career.

                                                   The  DONT’s  of Level ’10’


Poor meeting or sales script planning

Missing deadlines                                                                                  ’10’

Unprofessional Appearance

Underutilization  of Capacity

                                                       The  DO’s  of Level ’10’

   Be friendly, positive and willing to do what is asked.

   Keep your complaints to yourself.

   Tread softly when you think you know better.

   Respect experience of management.

   Get to know what you don’t know.

   Life isn’t fair — accept this.

   Expect to pay your dues.

   Prepare to work with human beings –supportive and unsupportive.

   Be focused on your goals.

   Be Trustworthy.

                                                Be Successful in Your Business

Many new businesses are started each year (over 500,000). Yet, not all succeed. Those that

fail, failed to get the knowledge necessary to understand what makes a business successful.

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