Everyone comes in contact with people every day, every-

where…..school, church, store, business, sports, travel, clubs. Are you                 Creating a Business

getting to know the people in these environments or do you just show                   and Friendly Com- 

up and later depart without anyone being aware that you were there?                        munication go

Are you passing up the opportunity to know what others are doing?                           hand in hand. 

What  To  Do   

Posing questions to others is the best and easiest way to get engaged. “They” could be

wanting to start a business. Or, maybe they have plans to open a business, but need some finan-

cial assistance. Or, maybe they are hesitant and fearful of opening a business alone and desire a


Only by communicating will you know what others are planning and whether an

opportunity exists for you.

Every casual conversation can introduce you to a need — a need you might be able to

fulfill and excite you to start a business.

Grab the Opportunity to Succeed in Business 

Over 500,000 new businesses are started each year.  Yes, not all succeed. Those that

fail, failed to get the knowledge necessary to understand what makes a business successful.

You can be ready for succdess by reading the new book Employ Yourself Now, Enjoy

Yourself Now — 7 Steps to Start and Operate a Business in Less Than 90 Days. When you

purchase (as a free bonus) you will receive a one-half hour personal small business phone con-

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