#Keep Learning

The thought of starting your own business can cover a range of emotions:

scary; exciting; new experience tribulations; self doubt.  All this is a part of being an


Are you thrilled about the product or service you have chosen? How much do you know

about the business relating to the product or service? If little, this is where learning is

critical — and shouldn’t ever end as long as you are in your chosen business.

Again, if your knowledge scale is at the ‘little’ end, what ever you do  know now will not

be sufficient to allow you to plan beyond your first six to twelve months. Perhaps you

should work part or full time in a similar business to expand your knowledge and become

aware of the challenges that lie ahead.

Are you #accounting literate? If not, read my earlier blog on this critical subject.

Today you will also want to become current on Technology relating to your business.

Community colleges and Microsoft stores offer classes at very reasonal costs to you.

When I started my first business, I was an expert in the product. But, most everything

else was new. Marketing?? I ran an ad in the local newsspaper. At that time (1950) it

worked well. Most everyone read newspapers. “Layout” of my rental space and interior

decorating — I winged it. There was not enough money to hire professional help. Yet,

it worked.

An easy entry to a business is to buy a franchise. But that is not cheap. And, I had to start

“on the  cheap”, — and so can you.

Believe in yourself. Plan, budget, schedule to the best of your ability. Ask questions of

a mentor or a small business consultant.

Grab the Opportunity to Succeed in Business.

Over 500,000 new businesses are started each year. Yes, not all succeed. Those that

fail, failed to get the knowledge necessary to understand what makes a business successful.

You can be ready for success by reading the new book Employ Yourself Now, Enjoy

Yourself Now — 7 Steps to Start and Operate a Business in Less Than 90 Days.

When you purchase the book (as a free bonus) you will receive a one-half hour personal

small business phone consultation with the Author (value $65.00).


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