Some people start a business without the basic understanding of what it takes to run a

business. Then, they fail and wonder why.

DON’T  GIVE  UP — especially if you believe in your idea. Learn more about how to

operate a business.  Where? —  Community Colleges; Books; Google different subjects

pertaining to your needs; Get a full or part time job in a similar business.

Most every business owner has had a setback now and then. You are not unique if you

have a failure. Sure, there is some mental depression. You start thinking “what do I do

now?” Or — “I guess I am not capable”. Or — “why did I take the risk?” Or — “what’s wrong

with me or my thinking?” Or — “What Now?” That is the best question…..go back and re-

read paragraph 2.

After accomplishing what is suggested in paragraph 2, question your habits, your

commitment and the thoroughness of your plans.  NOW, according to Peter Drucker

(father of modern management) would you start again knowing what you know now? If no,

end that idea. If yes, give it another try, committing every skill you have gained to be

successful. If this second time isn’t successful, try something else.

People with multiple interests tend to spend less time reviewing past mistakes. Always

focus forward. There is always another opportunity waiting for you to make it happen.

For a successful foundation, invest in the book  Employ Yourself Now, Enjoy Yourself

Now.  As a bonus, you will receive (free) a 1/2 hour personal small business phone

consultation with the author (value $65.00).








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