Dreaming of starting a business, but have no idea of

how to start a business? Raise your awareness antenna.

Businesses begin with an IDEA. And the idea doesn’t

have to be yours. It can be from a friend.                                            It did not kill the

Curiosity will cause you to listen more and be alert                                 CAT.

to what others are saying. Indicate your interest.                        It still had 8 more lives.

Offer to be involved. Now explore the potential.

You Can Do It — Just Believe in Yourself

Take inventory of your abilities and experience. Is it something you can consult, teach

or partner with another. Skills like golf, tennis, bookkeeping, ballroom dancing, electronics

repair, home remodeling, etc., could be the start of a sole owner business — or your talents

may be needed to help a potential partner get their business idea going.

          “Curiosity can lead to new experiences and learning.”  Unknown

Some of my ventures included as many as 7 partners. A blend of talents can bring about

the opening of a business quicker and more effectively than one person, especially if

financing is a problem. Otherwise, go ahead on your own on a smaller scale and with less

capital needed.

Opportunities to start a business are prolific. Over 500,000 new businesses are started

every year. Sure, not all succeed. Those people that fail, failed to gain the direction,

knowledge and understanding of what makes a business successful.

                                                           Colossal Opportunity

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