Operate At a Level ’10’

This applies to businesses, business owners and employees. Level ’10’ generally means performing at your best — your highest capacity. This is an attitude that most successful business and sales people maintain throughout their career.                                                    The  DONT’s  of Level ’10’ Tardiness Poor meeting or sales script planning...

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Be A Team Player

This topic may bring to mind a sports team.  Yet, it also applies to starting and operating a business. Even if you are in business as a sole owner, you still have to deal with suppliers, maintenance people, employees and customers. Are you going out of your way to relate in a friendly, supportive manner — or are you difficult to befriend?                                        ...

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Make Friends — everywhere

                Everyone comes in contact with people every day, every- where…..school, church, store, business, sports, travel, clubs. Are you                 Creating a Business getting to know the people in these environments or do you just show                   and Friendly Com-  up and later depart without anyone being aware that you were there?                        munication go...

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