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Employ Yourself Now, Enjoy Yourself Now, by Jack Terry

Bookstores are practically littered with self-help literature. Some are good. Then there is a book like Employ Yourself Now, Enjoy Yourself Now, authored by Jack Terry, who speaks as a solid voice of experience. For a man who has set up and established well over twenty businesses, all of them different types of endeavors, the prospect for a treasure trove of entrepreneurial and practical wisdom must be enormous.

When one considers that Jack started his own ventures with very little, one should be amazed at the uncomplicated way his first business branched out into other fields. Yet, the whole progression makes sense once you are in business for yourself: You need not rely on your own ideas, because a lot of people can get you there with their own ideas. And you do meet them everyday – all you need is a good attitude to make sense of those ideas and put them into effect.

This is a straightforward account of how to navigate through all aspects of venturing into business. Speaking from years of experience, the author displays full grasp of the purpose of the project. The ideas and presentation are well organized, and the exposition clear and accessible, even enjoyable.

The reader will certainly appreciate the rich details the author provides to make his ideas clearer. They are strong and varied, all built around the central subject of the manuscript.

Most of the ideas are well examined, with clear transition between general statements and specific reasons, examples, and details.


A well-written self-help, and inspirational manuscript for would-be entrepreneurs and business people, from one who practically lived most of what he is describing here. It should score another success story in the varied, fascinating life of this author.

Overall Strength of the Author: Speaking as a believable authority, the author makes a strong case for a practical, sensible approach to starting a business. He uses rich, varied details that should prove to be a treasure trove for interested readers.

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