Why a “Serial” Entrepreneur ?

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Why a “Serial” Entrepreneur ?

For me, it was not a plan. Prior to my attending college (age 17), a friend of my mother said “I would have more fun if I knew how to dance.” So, my mother purchased 55 hours of dance lessons at a local dance studio.  This helped overcome my shy nature (women would line up to dance with me). A year later, my mother agreed to buy me another 140 hours of lessons. (Check out Video Below)   Now I knew all the American style dance steps. Using this skill, I was going to work part time at a dance studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. This required a...

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#Keep Learning

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#Keep Learning The thought of starting your own business can cover a range of emotions: scary; exciting; new experience tribulations; self doubt.  All this is a part of being an #entrepreneur. Are you thrilled about the product or service you have chosen? How much do you know about the business relating to the product or service? If little, this is where learning is critical — and shouldn’t ever end as long as you are in your chosen business. Again, if your knowledge scale is at the ‘little’ end, what ever you do  know...

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Be Accounting Literate

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                                         Be Accounting Literate. Ready to #StartABusiness — but you are not accounting literate? Can’t read a Balance Sheet? Can’t read a Profit and Loss statement?  Sure, you can hire a C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant). But, can you afford that person if you are a small startup? If you are a larger startup, for sure you will want a C.P.A.  Even then, can you interpret the Profit and Loss Statement? It can tell you where your losses are or where your profits can be improved. My suggestion:...

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Responsibility. Whether #OperatingABusiness or #StartingABusiness, the owner has an initial responsi- bility for everything . . . . funding, location, marketing, services, products, etc. Sure, if you buy a franchise, they may be responsible for the location, initial marketing, training, etc. Still, the owner makes the final decisions. If you start a business with one or more partners, it is important not only that there is transparency, but that each party understands what their responsibilities are. Also, all this needs to be in writing and...

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Don ‘t Give Up !

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Some people start a business without the basic understanding of what it takes to run a business. Then, they fail and wonder why. DON’T  GIVE  UP — especially if you believe in your idea. Learn more about how to operate a business.  Where? —  Community Colleges; Books; Google different subjects pertaining to your needs; Get a full or part time job in a similar business. Most every business owner has had a setback now and then. You are not unique if you have a failure. Sure, there is some mental depression. You start thinking...

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Be Alert

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Be Alert:   ..to products and services that are in demand; ……………………to your own creative thoughts of what isn’t available yet; ……………………and to business start-up costs. A Start-up business has a better chance of success if it has low start-up costs and low overhead.  Your positive ROI (return on Investment) will be realized sooner with a smaller investment upfront. Why Start a Business? (1) Excitement (2) Rewards based on your own efforts. (3)...

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Trust Carefully

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When starting a busines or after operating a business for some time — be alert in all business associations: 1.  An employee — can steal from the cash box. 2.  An employee — can fake an accident and collect workers compensation. 3.  Worse yet, the faked accident can cause your insurance company to pay out a sizeable dollar amount — thereby increasing your insurance premium. 4.  A well paid employee (assistant manager; manager; etc.) could be starting a business of their own (of course secretly and on your time) while...

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Operate At a Level ’10’

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This applies to businesses, business owners and employees. Level ’10’ generally means performing at your best — your highest capacity. This is an attitude that most successful business and sales people maintain throughout their career.                                                    The  DONT’s  of Level ’10’ Tardiness Poor meeting or sales script planning Missing deadlines                                                                                  ’10’ Unprofessional Appearance...

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Be A Team Player

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This topic may bring to mind a sports team.  Yet, it also applies to starting and operating a business. Even if you are in business as a sole owner, you still have to deal with suppliers, maintenance people, employees and customers. Are you going out of your way to relate in a friendly, supportive manner — or are you difficult to befriend?                                         Small Business Personalities      The more outgoing you are, the more you go out of your way to support all those  around you, the easier it will be to start...

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Make Friends — everywhere

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                Everyone comes in contact with people every day, every- where…..school, church, store, business, sports, travel, clubs. Are you                 Creating a Business getting to know the people in these environments or do you just show                   and Friendly Com-  up and later depart without anyone being aware that you were there?                        munication go Are you passing up the opportunity to know what others are doing?                           hand in hand.  What  To  Do    Posing questions to others...

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