Be Alert: products and services that are in demand;

……………………to your own creative thoughts of what isn’t available yet;

……………………and to business start-up costs.

A Start-up business has a better chance of success if it has low start-up costs

and low overhead.  Your positive ROI (return on Investment) will be realized sooner

with a smaller investment upfront.

Why Start a Business?

(1) Excitement

(2) Rewards based on your own efforts.

(3) Enjoy a happier lifestyle in the future

(4) Materialize your dreams.

Research your ideas or chosen product? Do they have a market?  How difficult

will it be to reach that market?

Be prepared for the growth of your business.  Your earnings aren’t yours to enjoy

until  you have reserved enough to meet your company’s needs — now and for the

next six to twelve months.

Of course YOU will do everything you can to satisfy your customers. Once you

add employees, be alert as to how they treat your customers. Creating a happy

customer requires effort. Losing a happy customer? — easy !

Now be alert to your profitability — or lack thereof. Understand (before you open a

business) how to read a profit and loss statement (P&L). If necessary, enroll in an

accounting course before you risk your money.

As you grow, be a teacher to your employees. This requires: humility; flixibility; being

straight forward; being precise and being patient.

Insure a Successful You.   Invest in the book  Employ Yourself Now, Enjoy Yourself

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