This topic may bring to mind a sports team.  Yet, it also applies to starting and operating

a business. Even if you are in business as a sole owner, you still have to deal with suppliers,

maintenance people, employees and customers. Are you going out of your way to relate in a

friendly, supportive manner — or are you difficult to befriend?

                                        Small Business Personalities

     The more outgoing you are, the more you go out of your way to support all those 

around you, the easier it will be to start and operate a business. As an outgoing team

player yourself, the more others will want for you to succeed.

     If you are in business with partners, the need to be a team player becomes even more

important. Transparency and communication are urgent. If one partner is controlling,

working conditions become strained. This is not only unpleasant, but can lead to a breakup

of the company.

                                              Qualities of a Team Player

                                    Adaptable                                             Disciplined                                

                                    Colaborative                                         Enthusiastic              

                                     Committed                                           Flexible

                                     Communicative                                  Participative   

                                     Competent                                           Reliable

                                      Dependable                                         Respectful

1. Be Problem Solver — know the bigger picture.

2. Develop the ability to work toward a common vision — Lead By Example.

3. Take Responsibility For Your Choices.

     “Above all else, hang your hat on Character” says Sheila Johnson, CEO of Salamander

Hotels and Resorts.

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