Jack Terry - Author

Jack Terry – Author

This Author was born in 1930 in Cleveland, Ohio. Both parents encouraged his learning – scholastically as well as athletically. After his father died before he was 16, his mother got a job in the probate court and was able to continually provide a stable home life.

In high school, the Author showed an interest in participating – both in athletics (golf team) and school activities (running for class office). After graduating from highschool, college was undecided and he worked for one year in a two man sales office as a secretary (typing and shorthand). A family friend helped Mrs. Terry to decide on a state college, Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and also suggested that dance lessons would be an important social benefit.

The Author had a penchant for being involved. He ran cross-country track and played tennis, earning a numeral sweater and a letter sweater. He also joined the R.O.T.C. to assure he would not be drafted before finishing school. In his second year of college, the Author joined the Freshman Manual committee as business manager of the “M-Book” and was business manager for the campus humor magazine “The Tomahawk”. Later he became co-chairperson of the United Appeal drive. The prior year goal was approximately $1,000. He had to “fight” to get permission to raise the goal to $5,000.  As a result, $4,800 was raised even though prior drives never exceeded raising $1,200. These results of course surprised the adult supervisors.

Joining a fraternity (PiKA), he accepted the responsibility of Treasurer and later was elected Secretary-Treasurer of his graduating class. His first business was a ballroom dance studio, in uptown Oxford. It opened at the beginning of his third year of college. It was successful to the extent he had to stop advertising after two months. A fire terminated the dance studio about a month before graduation. The fire insurance money was invested with a stock broker in Cleveland, Ohio. After two years, this money more than doubled and funded his next business.

After college graduation, job offers were only for accounting (his major). He wanted a sales opportunity, but that was not made available. He therefore decided to go to law school, and graduated in 1955. The Author’s second business was conceived during his second year in law school (a golf driving range). Planning for the golf range began in earnest in his third year of law school, and opened after his two year tour in the Army.

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