Be Accounting Literate

                                         Be Accounting Literate. Ready to #StartABusiness — but you are not accounting literate? Can’t read a Balance Sheet? Can’t read a Profit and Loss statement?  Sure, you can hire a C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant). But, can you afford that person if you are a small startup? If you are a larger startup, for sure you will want a C.P.A. ...

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Responsibility. Whether #OperatingABusiness or #StartingABusiness, the owner has an initial responsi- bility for everything . . . . funding, location, marketing, services, products, etc. Sure, if you buy a franchise, they may be responsible for the location, initial marketing, training, etc. Still, the owner makes the final decisions. If you start a business with one or more partners, it is...

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