About the Book

If you are unemployed – this book is for you.

This book is about Freedom.  Freedom to live your life without worrying about oppression. Freedom to work at what interests you. Freedom to start a business when and where you desire.

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About the Author

Jack Terry - Author

Jack Terry – Author

This Author was born in 1930 in Cleveland, Ohio. Both parents encouraged his learning – scholastically as well as athletically. After his father died before he was 16, his mother got a job in the probate court and was able to continually provide a stable home life.

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Newspaper Article in Pacific Business News

PROFILE       By Ed Lynch     Pacific Business News       Monday, March 27, 1989

Terry tries not to copy the competition.

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Jack’s YouTube Video on being an Entrepreneur

Check out Jack’s video on being an Entrepreneur.
Jack Terry - YouTube Video

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